SINCE 1952

Sakuzan gama

The story of SAKUZAN originates
from Mino ware



Japanese culture has long embraced a wide range of sophisticated yet warm forms of
expression that have been achieved by expert craftspeople. SAKUZAN has also pursued its
journey through pottery as part of Japanese culture.

Our art of pottery originates from unglazed ceramic ware, called sueki,
dating back to the mid 3rd century.

During the Muromachi period from
the 14th century to the 16th
in tandem with the rise in the
popularity of the tea ceremony,
a wide array of glazes and designs were developed. Then in the Edo
from the 16th century to the late 19th century, porcelain
making began flourishing in response to lifestyle changes.

Through this evolution, the pottery created in this area, Mino, located
in the south of Gifu Prefecture, developed into today’s modern style.
It is called Mino ware, pottery for people’s everyday life and accounts
for roughly half of the domestic production of Japanese and
Western-style tableware.

*glazes: a vitreous substance fused on to a pottery body to form a hard decorative coating.

Established based on the art of Mino pottery, SAKUZAN uses fourteen
kinds of clay, hundreds of glazes, and three methods of firing. Pushing
the boundaries of conventional Mino ware, we at SAKUZAN have
continued to meticulously craft everyday tableware.

In 1952

Founder Sakuichi dove into the world of pottery as a part-time ceramics painter and founded Yamasaku Pottery Studio with a kiln, specializing in ceramics painting and decorating.

In 1973

The second-generation president Sadao set up Yamasaku Pottery.

In 1987

The third-generation president Nobuyasu established SAKUZAN Pottery.
Since its foundation, Nobuyasu has placed its kiln at the heart of SAKUZAN’s craftsmanship and focused on the harmony between the beauty, individuality and usability of SAKUZAN products while erasing the conventional image of mass-produced industrial ceramics.

In the 2000s

Nobuyasu started offering a wide array of SAKUZAN original tableware series.

In 2012

SAKUZAN began online sales. In response to our digital society, we at SAKUZAN are now able to take a range of steps to meet our customer needs through our online services.



We have the word “takumi” meaning “a master” in the Japanese language.
Since ancient times, craftspeople in Japan have continued to refine their skills earnestly in order to become master artisans.
Their way of achieving perfection in every detail has long been respected as part of Japanese culture.
At SAKUZAN, we believe that human intuition and techniques are indispensable when making tableware.

A craftsperson is applying comb patterns to the surface one by one.
This meticulous, gentle craft creates a one-of-a-kind style.

A craftsperson is dipping each clay piece into the glaze to apply it evenly, visualizing the final product.

Kikuneri  (Spiral wedging)
Kneading to remove the air bubbles from the clay is one of the most vital processes, requiring much skill and experience.

As well as visible beauty in color and shape, functional
beauty is also important for our tableware as an everyday
item with practical value, comfort, and familiarity.


Our way of production, from clay-preparing, shaping,
drying, initial firing, glazing, to final firing, is conducted
using a keen sense of aesthetics. Each seasoned
craftsperson painstakingly works on each stage of the
process and pours their heart into each lump of clay,
giving each product individuality.

A ceramics painter is decorating each pottery piece one by one to enhance its beauty.



Through our artisans’ finest techniques, beautiful products of high value are being crafted and refined.
Thanks to this process, Japanese culture has matured, been enhanced and survived ever since.
We at SAKUZAN are proud of being part of this culture and will seek to be ahead of the curve for lifestyle and culture.

“Shaping it beautifully.”

With this mantra, we at SAKUZAN always refine our skills to demonstrate the appeal of our products.
Our craftsmanship stems from the traditional values of Japanese crafts that suggest delicate,
unpretentious works made from earthen materials.

We will bring
beautiful Japanese crafts
to the world.

At SAKUZAN, we always think about the power of lifestyle that truly energizes people. Rather than limiting ourselves to convenience and durability in tableware,we strive to take on new challenges. Based on the delicate and earthy Japanese pottery, we will pave the way for creating ideal tableware that delights your daily life and spices up your future dining experience.

The lifestyle we promote will expand to the world and people will enjoy their everyday meals with our tableware—that’s the future we envision.


By forming each piece of our tableware meticulously and delicately,
through our craftsmanship, we at SAKUZAN pour our heart into each product.